Beauty Finish Roll-on

Beauty Finish Roll-on

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Product Description:

The only anti-perspirant with unique ¼ moisturisers and vitamins E and F. It goes beyond 24 hour odour and wetness protection to help replenish delicate underarm skin-leaving it softer, smoother and ready to reveal in just five days. The gentle formula stays on skin, not on clothes, to provide superior care. Good-bye sleeves. Hello beautiful underarms!
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Articles & Tips:

  • How to stop sweating & care for underarms

    How to stop sweating & care for underarms
    We love the feeling of beautifully cared for underarms, when our skin feels softer, smoother and more beautiful to touch. Keeping them protected and cared for means we can worry less about how to reduce sweating and spend more time enjoying those little things – like wearing that silk dress with confidence, sporting strappy tops in summer and feeling the sunshine on our skin. Bliss.

    We’ve been thinking about how to control sweating and give our underarms the luxury care they deserve – leaving us free to feel pampered and relaxed all day long.

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